Glad you asked!

  • We are passionate about indoor cycling and the health benefits it provides. Not to mention, YOU will TORCH calories with each ride. Our rides aren't just therapeutic. They are equal parts fun, exhilarating, and trans-formative. We ride to the beat, we ride with intention and we do it together. No intimidating competition boards, JUST you, JUST your bike, JUST your ride! Schedule your class today!
  • We know cycle can seem intimidating, but we encourage you to leave your expectations at the door, open your heart, open your mind, and get ready for some serious goal crushing! Remember, it’s about the dial, you’re in control and have the ability to change the intensity of your workout and take yourself to your limits. At Just Cycle, we ride as team from start finish. No one is left behind, we’ve got you.
  • We offer an intimate yet modern setting in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, complete with two beautiful full bathrooms including showers so you can come work out, freshen up, and conquer your day. We provide a full, exclusive experience. At Just Cycle you will feel just as special and important as you are!
  • Leave your troubles at the door, because you are only one cycle class away from a great mood! So, let's Just Cycle!