What is Just Cycle?

  • Birthed from a love of cycle and made possible by faith, family and God - Just Cycle is Uptown Charlotte's Premier boutique cycle studio. At Just Cycle we provide more than just a bike ride: We are a platform for change, a place of positive vibes, and a community to exercise your mind, body and soul. Our style of riding is driven by electrifying playlists, riding to the beat, all while motivational instructors lead you to the finish line.
  • Each cycle instructor is carefully selected according to their experience, character and ability to connect with the class, motivating each individual rider. The personable element to your experience at Just Cycle is extremely important to us!
  • Speaking of instructors, Music is the co-instructor of each class! That's right - we take our music very seriously. Here at Just Cycle you'll ride to everything from Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, Alternative - you name it! We have an all out party on a bike!
  • Our studio is equipped with state of the art Keiser bikes. Each bike has a resistance dial that you control and also has a computer which digitally monitors your personal performance such as RPM's, Watts and Calories burned. Our bikes allow you to clip in with cycle shoes or simply wear your sneakers and slip into the foot cage.

Why Just Cycle?

  • We are passionate about indoor cycling and the health benefits it provides. Not to mention, YOU will TORCH calories with each ride. Our rides aren't just therapeutic. They are equal parts fun, exhilarating, and trans-formative. We ride to the beat, we ride with intention and we do it together. No intimidating competition boards, JUST you, JUST your bike, JUST your ride! Schedule your class today!
  • We know cycle can seem intimidating, but we encourage you to leave your expectations at the door, open your heart, open your mind, and get ready for some serious goal crushing! Remember, it’s about the dial, you’re in control and have the ability to change the intensity of your workout and take yourself to your limits. At Just Cycle, we ride as team from start finish. No one is left behind, we’ve got you.
  • We offer an intimate yet modern setting in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, complete with two beautiful full bathrooms including showers so you can come work out, freshen up, and conquer your day. We provide a full, exclusive experience. At Just Cycle you will feel just as special and important as you are!
  • Leave your troubles at the door, because you are only one cycle class away from a great mood! So, let's Just Cycle!

Who is Just Cycle?

Porshea Bio Pic.jpg


Porschea Kirby is an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, IFTA Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor and owner of Just Cycle. A native Brooklyn, New Yorker, Porschea prides herself on being a motivator and encouraging people to push past their mental barriers to meet their greatness. When she’s not on the bike, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, going to the beach, traveling and spending time with her family!

Favorite Genre of Music: she likes it all, really! Just think a nice mash up of Drake, Calvin Harris, Missy Eliott, Nas, The Roots, Future, Gwen Stefani and Reggae (to name a few). I mean, this list could go on and on.

Favorite Movie: Beaches (circa 1988).